Project: Bank of America - Frisco, TX
Bank Branch

Goals and Objectives: Produce a structure that is competitive with conventional construction while affording other advantages inherent with the compressed agricultural fiber panels (CAFP): speed, simplification of trades, low construction waste and LEED advantage.

Results: Speed and efficiency goals were met. Four weeks of construction time were saved in the structural phase of the project.

Multiple LEED advantages were captured, including:

  • CAF panels have negative carbon footprint
  • Insulation values exceeded bank certification requirements
  • Additional points available for innovation, education and use of re-cycled materials

Recorded energy savings are being measured and there is a significant reduction of up to 20% or more of electrical (KWH) energy demand due to the high R-values and tight building envelope.

In addition, the assembled structure is safer due to its 2 1/2 hour fire rating, mold/mildew resistance of the fiber panels, and hurricane wind and seismic event qualification.


R.L. Smith & Assoc. Inc.

Chris Our company has about 15 years experience in pre-fab panel construction and I have to say that your system is by far the most superior we have installed. So far we have built four Wachovia banks with Agriboard and I am very impressed with the panel layout and the ease of installation. The last bank we installed was the larger 4500 sq. ft. design. The first day we layout, plate, and unload trucks. Then it takes two and one half days to install the panels, with another day to finish the hardware, this is with a six man crew. My crew really enjoys working with your system and we look forward to more in the future.

R.L. Smith & Assoc. Inc.

Asset Builders

Mr. Jeff Crippen
President & CEO
Agriboard Industries
8301 E. 21st North, #320
Wichita, KS 67206

Subject: Letter of Appreciation

Dear Mr. Crippen:

This letter is intended as a Thank You to you and the entire Agriboard team for your success in producing a superior building product—Agriboard SIPs. ABI has constructed many environmentally focused houses in the Metro Washington DC area, and we’ve used SIPs from other manufacturers, but Agriboard stands far above the competition in many ways.

Beginning with design, your in-house architectural capabilities perfectly meet the challenge of taking construction design drawings and converting them into accurate shop drawings, ready for production. This first design step is all important and has resulted in panels that work every time.

Agriboard’s production operation has delivered SIPs that far exceed results we’ve seen with competing manufacturers. The panels have been absolutely accurate in terms of designed size vs. actual size. I have personally measured the SIPs and found them to be accurate to within 1/16th of an inch. This is as close to perfection as could possibly be expected. The pre-cuts for electrical, windows, doors, etc. have also been absolutely accurate.

The product itself is superior in construction and performance. One of our best sales tools is to invite potential clients to meet us on-site at an Agriboard project that we have under way. The sound dampening capabilities combined with the energy efficiency characteristics have uniformly impressed clients.

Finally, there is delivery and post-delivery support. Your deliveries have all been on time and any follow up questions have been answered with one call. You have matured Agriboard into a top tier supplier in the construction field and it has been my pleasure to work with your entire team. Congratulations on your success and I truly look forward to continuing business with Agriboard.


Mark Herbert
President & CEO Asset Builders Inc.

Turner Construction

DATE: JULY 13, 2006

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the quality and installation of the Agriboard system on the Wachovia Bank Casa Linda project. Being that this was my first experience with the system, I was impressed with the design and manufacturing of the panels along with their structural integrity. Equally impressive is how the panels are designed for installation. With my lack of experience in the system I was anticipating some difficulty making panel connections. However, the design and the quality in manufacturing made installation seem simple.

I would also like to recognize the efforts of Dawn Morgan, Paul Pittman and Jim Murphy. Dawn’s knowledge of the design for this project along with her pre-construction coordination was a valuable asset. Paul, Jim and the Agriboard crew members headed the installation with assistance from Turner’s subcontractor’s Marek Brothers and Tippen Steel. As we encountered some obstacles in concrete variances and conflicts with steel, the experience of the Agriboard crew proved valuable in keeping this project on schedule. I witnessed this to be a true team effort between Agriboard and Turner.

It is my pleasure to have worked with your team and look forward to any future projects.

Project Superintendent – Wachovia Casa Linda