Factory built in 4-6 weeks, blast resistant, up to 2.5 hour fire rating, Miami-Dade County certified to F5 wind, insect and mold resistant, high thermal mass, 7 times more air-tight than conventional construction.

Performance Capabilities

  • Structural tests – ASTM E72-98 and AC-04
  • Fire tests – ASTM E199 and ASTM C739 Section 11
  • Mold, black mold and fungi resistance – ASTM C379 Section 11
  • Corrosiveness – ASTM C739 Section 9
  • Blast resistance meeting military standards
  • Wind resistance to F5 winds

Materials Used
Compressed wheat straw, Timber Strand sub-frame, Exposure 1 OSB, (7/16-in no urea formaldehyde added.), non-toxic adhesives, fasteners.

Manufactured in dry, controlled environmetal factory conditions; installed on your site in 2-4 days.